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Health Insurance

Good health is paramount. You need to be in good health to accomplish your life goals. However, you never know when illness will strike. Keep in mind that even the most physically fit individuals fall ill. This is the primary reason why you need to consider purchasing a health insurance policy from Rice Agency Inc. help foot your medical bills in Maryland when the unexpected happens.

Our health insurance is designed to help protect you from the high costs of health care. Our policy will cater for your doctor visits, prescription drugs, and even your hospital stays. More importantly, we also focus on preventive care to ensure that you are always healthy.Our health insurance cover is divided into three aspects:

Hospital Coverage

Our hospital cover offers you the freedom to choose your own doctor and also decide whether you will be treated in a private or public hospital. You will also have greater choice on which hospitals you get admitted to in Maryland. Once you are admitted to any hospital of your choice, you still have the freedom to choose whether you want to be treated under the private Medicare system or the public Medicare system. We shall be there at every stage to ensure that you receive the best healthcare services possible.

General Treatment Coverage

Our general treatment coverage in Maryland provides insurance against all the costs of treatment by the leading health service providers. We cover all expenses related to dental treatment, home nursing, eye therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, and even prostheses. We also cover all costs associated with basic treatment in both private and public health institutions.

Ambulance Coverage

Unlike most of our competitors, our health insurance policy also covers the cost of emergency and other ambulance services No need to worry when you sickness strikes in the middle of the night, and you don't know what to do. We shall cover the cost of transporting you to the hospital and ensure that you are okay.

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