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Auto Insurance Mount Airy, MD

Great Auto Insurance Coverage for Mount Airy

When you're looking for great value auto insurance in Mount Airy, backed by outstanding customer service, Rice Agency is your solution.

As an independent agent, we work with all the leading insurers for Maryland. That means we can shop around for the best deals for our Mt Airy clients, secure valuable discounts, answer your questions and provide support when you need it.

In other words, we make it easy on you. We do the work and you get the benefits of our experience and expertise in auto insurance, a stone's throw from where you live. No messing about with long distance agents and providers who never get to know you.

The Rice Agency Mount Airy Car Insurance Program

Working with scores of satisfied Mt Airy car insurance clients, we've developed a custom auto coverage program tailored to your needs and budget. You have your own personal customer representative supported by one of the fastest-growing agencies in Maryland.

Your policy can be as simple as one that meets the minimum legal requirements for driving in Maryland or a wide-ranging policy that protects you against virtually all the risks you face on today's busy highways.

We'll provide the answers to your questions and the advice you need to make the best-informed decisions. And we'll be here for you if you ever need to make a claim.

What You Need to Know About Mt Airy Car Insurance

You need car insurance to drive on Maryland roads. The law says you must have auto liability coverage -- that's protection in any accident you cause -- for third party injury and damage. Third party means other people and their vehicles or property, not you, your car or your passengers.

It's very limited protection but, to comply with the law, you must have protection for up to $30,000 per person for bodily injury, or a total of $60,000 per incident. You also need $15,000 of protection for property damage.

State law also requires you to have coverage if you're in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Car Insurance Options for Mount Airy Drivers

Legal minimum liability insurance is unlikely to provide enough protection for most drivers. If you're in an accident, you could end up seriously out of pocket.

The Rice Agency's custom Mount Airy car insurance program is built around options that give you the protection you really need.

These are:

  • Realistic liability coverage, based on your risk factor and our knowledge and experience of legal settlements for victims. We'll discuss this with you at the outset.
    You can even have 'umbrella insurance' which can raise your liability coverage if your main auto policy limits are breached.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) -- covers medical payments, lost wages and other costs for you and your passengers no matter who causes the accident.
  • Collision insurance -- pays for damage to your car when you're responsible for a collision or if you flip the car.
  • Comprehensive insurance -- covers you against risks like fire, vandalism or theft, or if something else, like a falling tree, damages your car.
  • Additional liability coverage for accidents caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Why Rice is Right For You

There are many things that can affect your Mount Airy car insurance choice -- like your age, your driving record, the value of your car, and the amount you pay from your own pocket at the start of a claim (the deductible).

We make these things easy to understand and guide you to a wise choice. Plus, we can provide coverage for young drivers and for owners of antique of collectible vehicles.

Furthermore, we are often able to secure valuable discounts for our Mt Airy clients based on things like the level of deductible you opt for, where you park your car, whether you've completed a safe driving course, whether you have another policy with your insurer, and if you drive low miles.

It's these personal touches and money-saving approaches that make the Rice Agency stand out from the rest.

Don't Delay -- Act Now

If you're reviewing an existing car insurance policy or just starting out with a newly-owned vehicle, contact the Rice Agency now.

We can arrange a fast quote, or selection of quotes, at no cost and without any obligation on your part.

You get the answers you need. We do the rest!

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